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About CBD

CBD is everywhere, but few people are truly comfortable discussing it or even asking questions about it. There seems to be a stigma that is shrouded in mystery. My goal is to remove the stigma and perhaps eliminate the mystery.

First, it’s important to understand WHAT CBD actually is. CBD is short for CANNIBIDIOL. It is a type of phytocannibinoid and is found primarily in hemp, but is also present in marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are both types of cannabis. The difference is how much THC they contain. THC is the component of cannabis that produces the HIGH or psychoactive effect. HEMP must have less than 0.3% THC by dry weight to be considered hemp. There is basically no THC in hemp. This means you can’t accidentally get high. 

Here is an excerpt from a book called  by Max Montrose on CBD:

CBD is primarily found in the hemp species of cannabis but can also be found in marijuana. Due to prohibition and the black-market desire to increase the potency of THC in marijuana, CBD has essentially been hybridized out of most marijuana varieties

I include this because it demonstrates why CBD from hemp is desirable and possible. Hemp provides the greatest concentration of CBD without the THC. You get the medicine without the buzz. That should help remove some of the stigma and the mystery. 

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Why CBD Could be for You

If you struggle with chronic pain, illness or depression and are looking for a non-pharmaceutical approach, CBD could be for you. Talk to a healthcare provider to learn more and about selecting the right type and form of supplementation. 

 “Mary, I waited (to send feedback) until I was sure that the CBD tablets were doing their job. I think they are. Recently I’ve noticed my knees aren’t hurting as badly…..and I have noticed that I can take more steps without stopping. Yippee!”


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