Dr. Oz says skim milk makes you fat?

Cutting Weight: Dangerous

I got asked twice today about whole milk being better for you than skim milk, because Dr. Oz has apparently made some comment about this.  Something along the lines of skim milk can make you fat because it has more sugar in it than regular milk?  Really?  We all understand that if you eat enough of anything it can be bad, right? When you hear comments like this (especially from celebrities), it’s important to get the facts and not immediately jump on the fanatic-bandwagon. I did find a great little piece on the msnbc website by Alan Aragon, M.S. He goes through some of the anti-myths of milk and I really appreciated his approach and style to the topic. It is worth a read.

The other article that has generated some buzz was also from msnbc.com titled “Is skim milk making you fat?” The article referenced here does talk about the process of whitening skim and how it oxidizes cholesterol, which I was not familiar with. THAT is interesting. But like most food products, it’s the amount of the food you are ingesting that must also be considered. Are Americans CHUGGING milk??? Of any kind?? Most need MORE milk (or at least more calcium), wouldn’t you say? So for the average adult who barely gets a cup of milk a day, but is looking for strategies to lose weight, his/her excessive milk intake is probably NOT where the major battle is to be fought. Dr. Oz is great at keeping his name out there. (that’s just good marketing) but it makes me wonder….does he have a book coming out soon? :)

Stay rational and enjoy food. Ask a dietitian if you need help doing either one!

Mary Bell, RD/LD




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